The Club

The most efficient business club to develop your business in the Middle East and Africa

Eurasia Trade Counsil business club holds business events, private meetings and networking within our community. These meetings are almost always closed and accessible only for club members and strictly by invitation. 

Each event is a valuable source of communication, networking, opportunity to introduce your company or a new product or service. 

Some events are held in the framework of industry business meetings with the presence of specially invited councils of big business or government bodies. 

You, as a club member, can always join any event or initiate a closed business meeting within the rules established by our community. 




  • Permanent invitations to our business club events, opportunities or activities. 

  • Opportunity to present your company, product or service as a Guest speaker at our events (time on stage as well as the level of the event depends on your membership)

  • Unique offers for the business events of our partners. 

  • Opportunity to request for the organization of the meeting with the businesses or government bodies you need. 

  • Opportunity to showcase your company to our members.

  • The opportunity to initiate your own corporate event with the invitation of members of our business club and potential partners you need. 

  • The opportunity to request an invitation to some industry or special events. 

  • The opportunity to become a sponsor or official partner of our events/activities to maximize your business potential. 


  • Opportunity to solve your issue or problem through our structures or to ask other members of the business club.

  • Notification about activities and events of our business club or partners (exhibitions, events, including closed ones).

  • Getting invitations to our events for free* or concierge service to order invitations to some special events in GCC Region. 

  • Capability to initiate a private event by inviting partners and club members. 

  • Well-established communication between partners and business club members