We are a team who have been contributing their expertise in Business consultancy in Dubai and the UAE for over 10 years. ETC in Dubai have been facilitating international business and corporate solutions to help passionate entrepreneurs across the globe.


We are a one-stop-solution business and management consultant in Dubai and UAE. Importantly, we provide services required for business setup consultancy in Dubai and across all the seven Emirates.


Moreover, our dynamic and flexible consulting team specializes in providing viable alternative options. We also provide solutions on a professional level. Hence, this helps produce fast and efficient results help reduce costs and maintain legal compliance.


Setting up a successful business in the UAE is like playing a jigsaw puzzle. It’s so easy and quick if we arrange the pieces properly and with proper planning.

We are a leading partner in Company Formation Service and Business setup consultant in Dubai. This is why we can help you to start your business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the UAE with less effort whilst also being cost-effective. In addition to business set-up consultancy in Dubai, we provide free corporate sponsorship along with our annual PRO services contract to all our clients. This makes ETC a one-stop shop for all your business setup requirements.

Our process is both straightforward and transparent. We will guide you through every step of the way. ETC will help you to choose the correct legal form. We also help you to decide whether to set up the company on the mainland or in a free zone. In addition, we advise you on the right business activity and name for your company.

We then, review all the required paperwork to get your business license and help you open your corporate bank account.


One of the most frequently asked questions by new market entrants is whether they require a local partner (sponsor). This depends on various factors such as nationality, business activity, and type of business setup. While existing companies in the UAE also want a more secure structure rather than having to deal with an individual as their sponsor.

ETC’s corporate nominee structures will give you complete peace of mind. It is designed to safeguard your interests and you will be completely compliant with commercial laws and regulations.

ETC controls and manages 100% Emirati-owned companies. These companies facilitate a corporate nominee partnership. We serve foreign companies, business owners, and investors. This is done via a reliable and secure professional corporate nominee structure.

Through our trusted corporate nominee structure, our business model qualifies foreign owners to have complete control and ownership of their business. We have watertight agreements in place that protect the expat owners from any undue risks.