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"Just look around here at the high-end real estate, the yachts, the horses over there that cost up to 200,000 euros," she said. "Here at the Millionaire Fair I can look at it, touch it, feel like I'm part of this luxury world myself."

Peruse the offerings at the Moscow Millionaire Fair and you're bound to be impressed. Fast cars, high-bred horses, even cell phones cased in solid gold are just a few examples of the luxury items the fair marketed to wealthy attendees over the weekend.

Nearly two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, few things in Russia show the dramatic changes capitalism has brought to this country more than this.

"We have everything here in Moscow these days," said 22-year-old Oksana, a self-described "party girl of Russian high society" who was attending her fifth Millionaire Fair. "Ten or 20 years ago we were immensely far behind cities like Paris, London or New York, when it came to luxury goods. But we have caught up."


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