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Vivigle is a cryptocurrency address rating and analytical platform. We are your risk agent in the blockchain industry.

We spend hours trying to analyze whether to trust
a potential partner or not. Massive fraud and criminal activity dominate the industry.

Vivigle is an innovative analytical platform for cryptocurrency wallets and transactions. 
We know 100 % of all wallet balances and transactions which makes 83 % of all crypto
currency market capitalisation.
We have 11 years of Big Data being updated every second on our servers.


You simply enter the wallet address into search field and get it's ratings, transactions
and other important information, which can not be faked or compromised, even if the
wallet owner is not registered with us.


We can detect any cryptocurrency theft or suspicious transactions, flag such transactions and monitor these funds, simultaneously returning such cases of theft. Also, the token tool is the most advanced method of implementing escrow services that we can provide for investment projects, financial services and retail.

Our information is so comprehensive and detailed that it can be considered in court as an evidence base. Thus, we can declare that we are a Notary service for the blockchain.


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